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Why do we watch or participate in a sport? Is it the beauty of a perfectly executed axel by a skater, the smooth passing of soccer teammates, the brute force of football?

After a couple of months off, the Hiking Club gathered for some hiking and comradery. As can be imagined, we were very glad to get back into action. The club engaged in two hikes on June 17. The first was a more difficult hike to Yonah Mountain. This 4.4-mile trail is near Helen and is fairl…

Whether on the diamond or the golf course, major league baseball players barely had time to suffer their first spring training sunburn when the game was called to a halt by COVID-19. That curveball has been followed by many weeks of the not-so-fun-to-witness age-old baseball tradition of pla…

The Rules Guys are still in hiatus, but it looks like the GSGA will be starting up tournament play throughout the state in mid-June, so we are dusting off the headsets and rulebooks and looking forward to getting back to our volunteer work.  

Sports fans have a language and terminology all their own. “Bum” means something different than one’s economic and social situation. “Bust” means failure to live up to expectations. However, keep in mind the same people who create those expectations are basing them on their hopes for a playe…

The three-point shot, designated hitter, roughing the passer and targeting are among a list of landmark rules changes in sports that have become part of American sporting culture. Now a bully from across the ocean has thrown fans and players from Little League to MLB the biggest curveball in…

            We often hear one of the benefits of living in Big Canoe is our proximity to Atlanta, with broad access to services, healthcare, shopping and entertainment. Do a quick pivot and look north, however, and you’ll see some of the best hiking America has to offer. 


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