Which state made adoptable dogs its state canine?

Which state made adoptable dogs its state canine?

BCAR resident Brody—a handsome, male, one-year-old brindle Plott hound mix—was featured in the July and September Smoke Signals’ articles. He is currently undergoing physical therapy for his hip, which he apparently broke before coming to BCAR. Upon hearing Brody is a Plott hound mix, folks typically reply: “I have never heard of that breed.”

The Plott hound is descended from five “Hanover hounds” bred to hunt boar, brought from Germany to North Carolina by Johannes (George) Plott in 1750. From this stock, a new breed was created to pursue bear in North Carolina. Hunters from across the United States traveled to North Carolina to get a Plott hound.

“Plott hounds are not cute or cuddly. They will not fetch your slippers or bring you the paper. But if you need a dog that will chase a 200-pound bear for days and never give up, they have no equal. Plott hounds are smart, tough and will follow game for days at a time.” (https://digitalheritage.org/2014/08/plott-hounds)

“The Plott hound loves children and looks out for them as if they were his own. The Plott hound would make a great companion for a jogger, hiker and especially a hunter. He will often protect children, making the Plott an excellent family dog.” (https://www.pethealthnetwork.com/dog-health/dog-breeds/plott-hound)

Did you not know some states have a state dog just like a state flower, tree or flag? There are 15 such states, including Georgia. These states and their official dogs are shown below. However, you will need to match them to each other.


Technically, the state dog of Delaware was only the state dog for one year. However, it is still considered by many to be its official dog. Schoolchildren in Alaska and New Hampshire mounted campaigns to get the dog breeds in their states named. The breeds in Alaska, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and North Carolina are indigenous to their states. The state dog of South Carolina was originally bred to hunt wild turkeys in the South Carolina swamps. Dogster magazine once referred to this breed as the "Swamp Poodle." The state dog in Louisiana is believed to be the first dog breed developed in North America and are descendants of the dogs of the Native Americans. Spanish explorers in the 1500s described these dogs as looking like wolves and barking like dogs. These explorers bred the native dogs to the canines they brought from Spain.

The state that chose to make an “adoptable dog” the state dog did so in hopes of raising awareness about shelter pets in need and the animal rescues who care for them.

The lists below do not match; your challenge is to match the state to its dog in the lists below. Answers on page 8.


Alaska                         Adoptable dogs

Delaware                     Malamute

Georgia                       American foxhound

Louisiana                     American water spaniel

Maryland                     Blue Lacy

Massachusetts             Bluetick coonhound

New Hampshire          Boston terrier

New York                   Chesapeake Bay retriever

North Carolina            Boykin spaniel

Pennsylvania               Catahoula leopard dog

South Carolina            Working dogs

Tennessee                    Chinook

Texas                           Golden retriever

Virginia                       Great Dane

Wisconsin                    Plott hound


Alaska                         Malamute

Delaware                     Golden retriever

Georgia                       Adoptable dog

Louisiana                     Catahoula leopard dog

Maryland                     Chesapeake Bay retriever

Massachusetts             Boston terrier

New Hampshire          Chinook

New York                   Working dogs

North Carolina            Plott hound    

Pennsylvania               Great Dane

South Carolina            Boykin spaniel

Tennessee                    Bluetick coonhound

Texas                           Blue Lacy

Virginia                       American foxhound

Wisconsin                   American water spaniel