Recycling center

Recycling center 

The new Pickens Recycling Center, located at 390 Appalachian Road, off Hwy 515, will be accepting the following items to be recycled. With some changes in the numbers on the plastic and they will be sorted into different bins that will be clearly marked:

• Cardboard only

• Mixed Paper, junk mail, newspaper, phone books etc

• #1 Plastic Drinking Bottles, water bottles, soda bottles etc

• #2 Plastic Mixed Color Detergent bottles, Yellow Milk Jugs, Fabric Softener bottles

• #2 Clear Plastic Bottles

• Aluminum Cans

• Steel Cans Only

• White paper shredder

Trash Compactors will be for house hold trash only – $1 fee for each bag

TV Sets small $2 fee; TV Sets large $5 fee 

Recycling center will accept glass

Two dumpsters out back will be for furniture and mattresses for a fee. There are two places to drop off glass. Glass will be placed on the yellow dump tables. Glass does not have to be separated. 

There is one open top container for all metals. Refrigerators will still have a fee charged. The tire trailer will be relocated to the new center so we can continue to accept tires for a $4 fee per tire. The recycling center will take oils and antifreeze.

Call the KPB office if you have any questions and we will try to answers them - 706-253-3600