Jesse 5806

“Jesse turned out to be quite a laid-back love bug.”

In the very cold days of December 2020 a cat we determined to be feral was “hanging around” a house on Sconti Ridge Road. The residents fed the hungry boy and then contacted BCAR. After posting a photo in several Facebook groups, no one recognized or claimed him. We trapped and vetted him. Testing showed him to be disease free so he was given the name Jesse, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and returned to his territory. (This is the prescribed and accepted procedure for feral cats. If they are relocated the chance of survival is not good.) The residents agreed to continue to feed him; they even set up a little house on their deck for him to be out of the weather. 

Jesse 2

Jesse was very content with his living conditions, but something, either a change in surroundings or a new cat or other animal in his territory, caused him to shop for a new “stomping ground.” He took up residence under the deck of the swim club. He meowed to make his presence known and our forever kind Big Canoe residents kept him watered and fed, even provided a shelter for him. We were fairly sure this new guy was Jesse and after further research we determined it was him. Jesse became more friendly with those who checked on him daily, coming very close to letting himself be petted. 

One of our volunteers offered to foster him. We decided to trap him, check his chip for a positive ID and take him to the foster. Jesse turned out to be quite a laid-back love bug. He enjoys petting and brushing, even tummy rubs! He showed no interest in returning to his former life. He is a bit shy at first but comes around quickly for attention. 

Jesse 3
Jesse 4

Jesse is now in Maggie’s House, the feline shelter of Big Canoe Animal Rescue. He is awaiting just the right family to give him his forever home. He is a healthy, big two-year-old. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are not holding open house at this time. We will arrange appointments for potential adopters to visit Jesse and all of our cats and kittens. To request an appointment please call the number below and leave a message or send an email to One of our volunteers will then contact you to set up a time for you to visit. 

BCAR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit no-kill shelter for homeless dogs and cats found in the Big Canoe Community, providing them with a safe, healthy and positive environment until they are adopted into their forever loving homes.

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