We are truly blessed to live in Big Canoe. The mountains of Big Canoe are civilized by nature.

Our community is governed by the property owners and we own our amenities. A one-page document titled The Character of Big Canoe describes us as multi-generational with an atmosphere of warmth, hospitality, tolerance, consideration and respect. A wide and expanding range of amenities, events and activities are provided, offering alternatives for recreation, learning and relaxation. Amenities include golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, a fitness center, lakes and beaches, boat rentals, a rock slide, hiking trails, play fields, parks, children's play areas, nature preserves and more.

 Governance is representative and responsive to the Big Canoe population. My wife and I have lived here 19 years and I have been on the POA board for seven of those years. I have agreed with the vast majority of the decisions that boards have made in that time and I have disagreed with some.

I would take back a couple that were made while I was serving on the board. But one thing I know is that every decision by every board has been made with the best interests of Big Canoe in mind.

Those who run for the board and are elected to represent the property owners love of Big Canoe and work for the betterment of the community. All directors are, first and foremost, property owners. 

 The vast majority of property owners are supportive of the POA as shown in satisfaction surveys. In past surveys over 90 percent were satisfied with their experience of living in Big Canoe. A new survey will be distributed June 25, which will provide a baseline for establishing plans for improvement. Please participate and let us know what is good and what areas need attention. This is a great opportunity to communicate with the POA as a community. 

Big Canoe is on the verge of significant change. We have signed a management agreement with Bobby Jones Links (BJL) and have a new general manager. We recently completed a one-day session with BJL to establish plans for the remainder of 2020 and for the next several years. A vision is to attain the community described in “The Character of Big Canoe.” I urge you to read that document in this publication. We will have achieved success when “The Character of Big Canoe” is an everyday reality.

Specific achievements were agreed upon to improve property owner satisfaction, to attain our net income goal, to minimize the large food and beverage loss in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, to pass the golf course rejuvenation project and approve a Capital Contribution Fee amendment.

The food and beverage forecasted loss for 2020 of over $700,000 is unacceptable. This is, of course, very disappointing but somewhat unavoidable and understandable given the COVID-19 impact. We have lost over $1M in F&B revenue attributable to the pandemic. We have lost all banquet revenue, which is profitable. There is still no end in sight to the negative revenue impact. We must manage the 2020 loss and prepare for substantial improvement in 2021. In spite of the F&B loss, the 2020 financial forecast is that we will be cash positive and achieve nearly $600,000 net income. We can be proud of the patience and understanding of property owners and employees in handling the consequences of the pandemic.

The two upcoming property owner votes are extremely important to the future well-being of Big Canoe. The Creek 9 rejuvenation is more generally about properly maintaining the assets of Big Canoe and the CCF vote is to provide a source of funding for capital projects other than assessment increases. We can count our blessings and understand that the path to a bright future is entirely in the hands of the caring property owners of Big Canoe. Imagine living in a community described in ‘‘The Character of Big Canoe.” It’s not that far away.


Adopted June 6, 2018 

Big Canoe is a private, gated master-planned community designed to achieve a harmonious integration of the natural beauty of the land with those elements most desired in a residential mountain community.  

It is a community in the true sense of the word: multi-generational; offering a small-town atmosphere; and providing an extraordinary, friendly and enriching lifestyle. Deeply held common values help define the character of the community of Big Canoe. Privacy and public safety are highly valued by all owners.  

A keen appreciation of the preservation of the natural environment and its ecological systems forms one of the core values uniting Big Canoe’s diverse population. This population includes full-time residents, part-time residents, landowners, guests, vacationers, renters and event attendees.  

An atmosphere of warmth, hospitality, tolerance, consideration and respect governs all matters among owners, guests, management and service providers. This attitude of compassion and consideration extends beyond the borders of Big Canoe through caring outreach to the local surrounding area and beyond.  

Big Canoe is governed from within through the Property Owners Association (POA). The POA is charged with implementing the covenants, administering the rules and regulations, providing community services including public safety, operating the amenities and maintaining common property and assets. 

Governance is representative of and responsive to the Big Canoe population, and opportunities are available for service and contribution from those willing to do so. Management of POA operations and provision of community services are efficiently conducted to maximize quality and enhance the property values of Big Canoe owners while minimizing waste and maintaining reasonable assessments and fees.  

A wide and expanding range of amenities, events and activities are provided, offering alternatives for recreation, learning and relaxation, and responding to the changing needs of the community. Amenities include golf courses, tennis and pickleball courts, swimming pools, a fitness center, lakes and beaches, boat rentals, a rock slide, hiking trails, play fields, parks, children’s play areas, nature preserves and more, along with cultural, educational, family and social activities and events.  

Effort is also made, where feasible, to encourage commercial services as needed and desired by the Big Canoe population. The POA and the Developer strive to maintain the natural beauty of the environment. A large percentage of land is devoted to green space. Facilities are constructed and maintained to reflect a semi-rustic but high-quality, upscale atmosphere in keeping with the mountainous character of the community. Architectural control is an important component in the preservation of the character of Big Canoe.  

Change within Big Canoe is managed with the objective of maintaining the fundamental character of the community and its environment. This philosophy of change is in concert with the recognized need to continue to respond to the evolution of the needs and desires of Big Canoe's current and future population. This positive management strategy supports the continued development of Big Canoe in a manner that enhances property values for all.