Big Canoe postal facility

Monday, Jan. 4 the Big Canoe POA announced its proposed Capital Contribution Fee(CCF) was approved by property owners. “This vote for Big Canoe’s future will further empower us to upgrade our existing infrastructure,” General Manager Scott Auer commented in an email to Smoke Signals. “The overwhelming approval of the Capital Contribution Fee is just the latest example of Big Canoe Property Owners voicing their confidence in the direction Big Canoe is heading.” 

According to the POA announcement the vote reflected a 59 % quorum, the vote was 84% in favor of the CCF. The final tally was 2,695 votes for and 511 against the proposal.”   

“The 84% approval of the Capital Contribution Fee really shows that property owners appreciate that we must invest in our future,” POA Board President Candace Robertson wrote in a statement to Smoke Signals. “As we prepare for our 50th anniversary in 2022, we can appreciate how we’re better positioned to invest wisely in the next 50 years.” 

The $2,500 fee, which will help fund future capital projects in the community, will be paid by new Property Owners after Jan. 15, 2021. The fee also will apply to new dwellings built on unimproved lots purchased after that date. Any fully executed contracts as of Jan. 15 are unaffected and not subject to the charge. Based on the annual average of about 200 home sales in Big Canoe, the CCF is projected to generate $500,000 per year. 

First CCF vote delayed in Dec. 2019

The first vote on the original CCF proposal was postponed December 2, 2019 due to an error in the ballot. (See “Vote on Capital Contribution Fee delayed by serious error in ballot text,” Smoke Signals Weekly, Wednesday Dec. 4)

A new date to mail the revised CCF ballots to property owners was not finalized until fall 2020. Big Canoe POA Directors voted unanimously to move forward with the proposed Capital Contribution Fee (CCF) property owner vote at their Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020 board meeting. “For the benefit of all Big Canoe homeowners to support future capital needs in our master plan and to maintain and enhance our property,” said Robertson at that board meeting.  The proposed fund, she stated, “offers the fair way to maintain Big Canoe’s 48-year-old infrastructure as well as pay for enhancements that perpetuate Big Canoe’s standing as the preeminent mountain community.” 

The POA decided, at that meeting, to hold the vote in December 2020. A virtual town hall—with a CCF question and answer session was held in November followed by a voting period running from Dec. 2-28 and results announced Dec. 30.