Marina cleanup

All pontoons moored at the Big Canoe Marina will be inspected to ensure they look good and are serviceable. 

As we leave winter behind and move into spring, it’s time for boat owners to start thinking about checking their craft and sprucing it up as necessary. Every spring, the Big Canoe Marina Manager and the Chair of the Lakes & Marina Committee inspect each boat moored at the Marina slips. 

As stated in the Big Canoe Rules & Regulations: Section 3.3: All boats/watercraft stored on the lake must be maintained in a mechanically reliable and seaworthy condition, demonstrating pride of ownership and care, and shall be kept free of trash to avoid being a visual nuisance. Boat seats, deck areas, convertible tops, and other boat equipment must be maintained in good cosmetic condition and be cleaned on a routine basis. Faded, tattered, ripped, torn, dirty, moldy materials will be cleaned, repaired, or replaced as needed to maintain a high-quality appearance. Use of temporary patches, duct tape, etc., are only acceptable for up to 30 days, or to the extent such repairs are not visible by casual inspection from the dock.