There are some books I am a little reluctant to review. I struggle to overcome that reluctance because dark things happen in our world, and we gain nothing by hiding them—or hiding from them. In truth, we lose because by hiding them, we let then grow and fester.

Don’t Ever Forget, a new police procedural byMatthew Farrell is one of those of books. Let me say upfront, Farrell is a real storyteller. His first chapter grabbed me, and then he would not let go. This tale is not for the weak of heart. It opens with a traffic stop. Late at night, a New York State trooper pulls over a speeding car.

We hear the driver as she anticipates how to deal with the trooper. It is not an ordinary stop; the car is not hers, and there is a body in the trunk. And she has blood on her hands.

Later, Susan Adler, a police investigator, watches the trooper’s dashcam playback his murder and begins her investigation with the car found abandoned near the body. She traces the car to a nurse, who, along with one of her elderly patients, has been reported missing.

That the elderly man is memory impaired lends urgency to the investigation. When we hear his voice, we don’t know if he speaks true memory or what his impairment has distorted.

Adler and Liam Dwyer, a forensic investigator, soon connect the investigation to two cold cases involving missing children.

The plot is twisty, and the pace is QuickTime. Don’t we wish all real-life police investigations moved at that pace? The story is, at times, startling and unpredictable, but it held my attention. That is a big plus because the ongoing flood of new authors too often holds tripe. 

Yes, this one holds promise for a series based on Adler and Dwyer. The author introduced them in one of his previous novels, all of which had “read me” titles: “I Know Everything” and “What have You Done.”