Happy year-end holidays … and here so quickly after such a different 2021.

            I’m writing this early in December, right after the Thanksgiving celebrations. We’ve already started to sample the end-of-season football conference championships, with all of their traditional pageantry and music.

            The Terraces committee continues its hard work putting together another stellar offering of musical groups and bands for the 2022 season. We continue to be invigorated by the overwhelming show of support by all parties involved in the preparation and staging of our summer offerings. We have such an all-round great group of volunteers, and if you have any affinity for music, then by all means contact us and join our group. That’s how I got involved, and now seven years later, here I am, and I continue to enjoy it.

            On behalf of the Terraces committee, I wish everyone a safe and happy year end, with all the holidays, travels and get togethers. We have so much to be thankful for, while hoping for the best in the future. Let the holidays’ pageantry and music fill each of our hearts for an even better 2022.

            See you soon at the Terraces, a Big Canoe Chapel owned and operated facility.