Chip Carter

            As we toast Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s 75th wedding anniversary this summer, I offer a very casual portrait of the young First Son, Chip Carter. It was a hot August night in 1977 and I was eating a barbecue sandwich alone in a tiny restaurant in Plains, Georgia, when I suddenly found myself in the back room. This was the infamous Plains Country Club and it contained an old pool table and a few pinball machines. 

            The fellow I was playing pool with asked me how long I had been a secret service agent. I looked at him with puzzlement, then I looked around I noticed then President Jimmy Carter’s son, Chip, had joined us, understandably accompanied by several secret service agents. He had been living with his parents at the White House when he and his wife separated, prompting his return home to take his Uncle Billy’s job running the peanut warehouse in southern Georgia. I used a Nikon F2s with a 24 mm lens and Tri-X negative film.