Photo of the month

            This train would have escaped me if I hadn’t pulled my Jeep over to take a picture of a barn with a giant “See Rock City” ad painted on its aging roof. The GPS on my iPhone was guiding my granddaughter and me to the Tellus Science Museum. As I got out of the car to shoot the barn I heard the freight train’s horn. That sound always gets my attention and I crossed the road to try to catch the train’s mighty engine, but I was too late.

            I watched in disappointment as dozens of graffiti-covered coal cars lumbered by as I looked down from a cliff overlooking the tracks; there were so many cars I lost count. This photograph is kind of an illusion, as it’s really the back of the train, steadily making its way south toward Cartersville, Georgia. I used a Nikon D850 digital camera with a 300mm lens at 1/400th of a second at f8.