Book signing at Smoke Signals Oktoberfest tent

Murder, mayhem—and really good wine. Smoke Signals invites you to meet three of Big Canoe’s distinguished authors at its Oktoberfest booth from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 13.

Retired surgeon Dr. Bill Booth; former Deputy Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department Lou Reiter; and Smoke Signals wine columnist, certified wine judge and scholar Wayne Crawford will be signing and selling their books at the Smoke Signals tent during Oktoberfest.

• Wayne Crawford’s “Georgia Vineyards and Wineries,” is a historical guide to modern Georgia wines. The first comprehensive book on wines across the state covers the vineyards and wineries, great wines and range of grapes.

• Bill Booth penned “Blood of a Stranger,” “Down on Caddo” and “This Old House.”

• Lou Reiter is the author of “Broken Badges: Cases from Police Internal Affairs Files” and “Shattered Badges: More Cases from Police Internal Affairs Files.”

Crawford spent more than two years researching and visiting every vineyard and winery in Georgia—all 56 of them. His book, a historical guide to modern Georgia wines, is the first comprehensive work on the state’s vineyards and wineries. He covers everything from some of the best wines produced here to the range of grapes.

“Crawford’s credentials as a French wine scholar, a certified specialist of wine and a wine judge shine though in the pages of this book. More significant for readers, is his ability to weave into his research the colorful stories behind the wines, the pioneering growers, the winemakers and dreamers who have made the modern wine industry come alive in Georgia,” wrote Martha Ezzard in her March 2018 review of Crawford’s book in Smoke Signals. A former Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial board writer, author and lawyer, she is the owner of Tiger Mountain Vineyard in Tiger, Ga.

Booth, a retired general surgeon from Baton Rouge, pulled memories and information from his real-life experiences in the operating room to add realism to “Blood of a Stranger,” a novel filled with twists and turns after routine surgery leads to life-threatening danger—for the surgeon. His other books “Down on Caddo” and “The Old House,” are collections of non-fiction and sometimes autobiographical short stories.

Reiter, a former deputy chief, served with the Los Angeles Police Department for 20 years. Since retiring he audited the N.Y.P.D., served as a consultant for the U.S. Department of Justice, and testified as a police practices expert in over 1,100 civil lawsuits. His “Broken Badges” and “Shattered Badges” are marked by verisimilitude—believability and authenticity only years of hands-on experience and top-level knowledge can bring to writing.