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I sit on the City Council in Alpharetta. We’re fortunate because we have a large business economy. Well, we used to. Pre-COVID-19, our daytime population would double in size. We make decisions based on what is good for businesses and what is best for our residents. Read more

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I always thought if Earth was invaded by invisible creatures from Mars seeking to destroy human life the whole world would join together to find ways to fight the common enemy. Surely, peoples across the globe would lay aside their differences and fight together when national borders, race, gender, education, money, or military might anywhere could not protect people everywhere against an invisible enemy that uses our own human immune system to kill us. Read more

During my time in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate, through countless changes to economic conditions and leadership, I was proud to represent my home state of Georgia and the interests of the people and organizations that make it great.

Dixon Bradshaw presents an eclectic assortment of new books and book news on the Books pages of Smoke Signals" News section. We offer these three books as an appetizer of sorts with the lure of a full course of Book News and New Books in the June issue of Smoke Signals.

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